Author Bryan McLelland

EP076: CBCT always B4 Implants? Antibiotics for 3rds?

This week I go over two articles which I think will be very applicable and helpful and any general dental or surgical practice. The first article we will review and discuss whether or not antibiotics decrease the risk of a dry socket and or infection for our third molar patients. The second article will go over whether or not a cone beam CT scan is required prior to dental implant placement and if it is not required all of the time what are the indications are and parameters that one can use to help decide whether to take a scan or not.

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EP070: Wheelbarrow Profits Part 3, Nutrition and Wound Healing, Pacemakers and ICD’s

In this episode, I discuss Part 3 of Wheelbarrow Profits.  If you have ever considered investing or owning apartment buildings and multifamily dwellings this book review series is for you.  We dig deeper into the book and reveal more key knowledge.  The article review is on Pacemakers and ICD’s and the dental and oral surgical recommendation and precautions.

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EP069: Wheelbarrow Profits Part 2, Nutrition and Wound Healing

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We continue to dive into multifamily real estate ownership and issues with our book review and then breakdown a great article on nutrition and wound healing.  With our surgical procedures we increase the body’s need for the building blocks of cells and to power the immune system to prevent infection.  We look at Zinc, Iron, Protein, Vit C and Vit E.

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Ep068: Be Your Own Bank

On this episode Patrick Jenkins and I discuss the mechanics and concept of owning your own bank and borrowing money for practice improvements etc. We also talk about setting up an investment that will pay you a monthly salary for life!  That salary could be between 5-10k a month depending on how much you invest and for how long.  You do not want to miss this one!


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Ep067: Wheelbarrow Profits Part 1, OMS Residents on Drugs, Subcutaneous Air after 3rd Molar Extractions

This is a great episode where we start Wheelbarrow Profits Part 1 book review and every dentist will want to consider this form of passive income.  I then go over a favorite article of mine on OMS residents and substance abuse showing the incidence and the substances abused!  I alsInteresting Case Buttono have a really interesting case of a young pregnant lady who had her asymptomatic wisdom teeth removed with a high-speed handpiece that ended up in the hospital with a severe infection.



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