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We've created a buying group of small practices with the purchasing power of the big guys.

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Where Does it Hurt?


Small dental practices overspend on supplies. Big dental groups get massive discounts because they can purchase volume.


Small dental teams spend lots of time manually managing inventory. Big dental groups have high-end tracking software and entire teams to do this for them.



Small practices are more likely to run out of supplies and let materials expire. Big groups have the technology to prevent overstock and understock.

Here’s The Solution:

Money Problem Solved

By creating buying groups we are able to leverage a larger pool of capital to drive down prices and get the same discounts the big dental groups receive.


Time Problem Solved

Our proprietary software does all the heavy lifting for you. Inventory is tracked and managed automatically allowing your team to focus on your patients.


Stock Problem Solved

With this inventory intelligence, you get a heads up when materials are running low or about to expire. No more root canal rescheduling due to no sealer in stock!

How to Get Started:

First Come First Serve! We are currently in our initial pre-sale period and are creating our first wholesale buying group of 30 individuals. This means for a limited time you can get the entire Dentist Inventory System for pennies on the dollar. Slots are filling fast, and once we reach 30 members the doors will close.


Special “Early Adopter” Pricing:

GROUP A (1st 10 to Join): $200 Club Fee + $1,865 Equipment/Software Cost

GROUP B (2nd 10 to Join): $500 Club Fee + $1,865 Equipment/Software Cost

GROUP C (3rd 10 to Join): $1,000 Club Fee + $1,865 Equipment/Software Cost



Remaining Openings:





Remaining Openings:





Remaining Openings:



Time to Act!

Everyone will receive the complete Dentist Inventory System regardless of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd group they join under. But, acting quickly ensures the most beneficial pricing for your practice. This product will retail for $7,500 when we officially launch, so snag a spot while they’re still available!

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