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Laws For Teeth Whitening

There are different perceptions as to why some of these laws are in place, some believing dental professionals are aiming to capture a greater share of the whitening market by banning anyone else from offering these services. Others feeling strongly that limiting this service offering to licensed dental professionals eliminate
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American Disabilities Act and Your Website

Texas dentist was threatened with a lawsuit for his website being noncompliant with the American Disabilities Act. Dental practices are taken by surprise when they find out that they can be sued if their website does not comply with the American Disabilities Act. This is not a scam. What can your
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EP122: A Weekend of Call

This weekend I was on call and so I discuss three cases that I came across. The first case had a history of a dental extractions approximately 3 weeks ago that did not resolve and was admitted with gas in the pterygomandibular and the buccal space. The second case was

EP120: Pleomorphic Adenoma in the Palate

This week’s podcast is dedicated to the Pleomorphic Adenoma I was introduced to and treated over the last 3-4 weeks.  I go over the history of this lesion, the initial treatment and definitive treatment and if you go to episode 120 Interesting Cases Section you will find some killer

EP119: Getting Paid for Being Opioid Sparing and Trefoil

In this episode, I start by discussing briefly the existence of the AAOMS white paper on prescribing opioids responsibly. Specifically, I discuss an article in the AAOMS  Today publication that goes over CPT and CDT coding guidelines. Using an opioid-sparing technique in your office is expensive and has a significant financial

EP118: Antibiotics resistance and Poop Transplants.

In this episode, I start by discussing antibiotic resistance and its implications in society as well as the reasons for this increase in antibiotic resistance.  We discussed the causes including easy access in developing nations over administration prescription by healthcare providers as well as providing antibiotics to prophylactically livestock.  I

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