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Laws For Teeth Whitening

There are different perceptions as to why some of these laws are in place, some believing dental professionals are aiming to capture a greater share of the whitening market by banning anyone else from offering these services. Others feeling strongly that limiting this service offering to licensed dental professionals eliminate
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American Disabilities Act and Your Website

Texas dentist was threatened with a lawsuit for his website being noncompliant with the American Disabilities Act. Dental practices are taken by surprise when they find out that they can be sued if their website does not comply with the American Disabilities Act. This is not a scam. What can your
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EP141: Opioid Use and Oral Surgeons

This week I discuss an interesting survey that was done by the American Association of oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons that is the second annual survey. Their survey asks questions about prescribing patterns and attitudes of oral surgeons. Over 300 people responded to the survey and the results are quite interesting.

EP140: Use Facebook Live to Promote Your Practice

This week I discussed Facebook live and successes other businesses have had with Facebook live and ways and tips and tricks on how you can implement this into your dental practice to increase patient engagement brand awareness in the bottom line generate more patients so you do not want to

EP138: Office Manager Tips

This week we talked about office managers and the goal of the office manager and some daily and weekly checklist for the office manager. If your office manager can complete these tasks and duties you will have one well-honed machine of a dental office.

EP137: JOMS Mediastinitis and Dual Degree OMS

This weekend discuss two articles from the most recent Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and the first one is on the risk factors affecting the prognosis of descending necrotizing mediastinitis from a dental infection the second article that I discuss is a discussion about the development of the Dual

EP135: Dental News to Abuse

In Your Face Oral Surgery channel has gone live with vids that are sure to delight! This week I go over the first dental VR company, Google Adwords 101 tutorial among many other things that you do not want to miss!

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