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Laws For Teeth Whitening

There are different perceptions as to why some of these laws are in place, some believing dental professionals are aiming to capture a greater share of the whitening market by banning anyone else from offering these services. Others feeling strongly that limiting this service offering to licensed dental professionals eliminate
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American Disabilities Act and Your Website

Texas dentist was threatened with a lawsuit for his website being noncompliant with the American Disabilities Act. Dental practices are taken by surprise when they find out that they can be sued if their website does not comply with the American Disabilities Act. This is not a scam. What can your
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EP177: What Nerve Block Technique is Easiest to Learn, Jaw Fractures and Impacted Wisdom Teeth, BMP for Alveolar Cleft Grafting and more

This week we discuss some pretty interesting articles from the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery the first one discussing the Akinosi nerve block technique versus the inferior alveolar nerve block technique for beginners to see whether there's an ease in learning and decrease complication rates for beginners.   I didn't

EP173: Dental News to Abuse Part 2

This week we are going to talk about enhancing your dental team's communication as well as using salivary diagnostics for your dental practice to assist in bacterial identification for Paragon it is as well as caries risk assessment and oral cancer screening. We'll also talk about how you can borrow

EP172: Dental News to Abuse

This week in Dental news to Abuse I discuss changes with coding occlusal night guards and how to bill them and make sure you get reimbursed for these little critters. In addition, I discuss the ins and outs of emailing patient dental records and making sure you protect Patient Healthcare

EP170: Dental News to Abuse

This week I have some dental news for you including what the US Congress has been up to in regards to dental bills what the projected size of the dental implant Market is by 2028 a little chit chat about an electronic syringe called dental pain as well as a

EP169: Spike Your Local, Plavix and Dental Implant

In this episode I discussed three interesting articles the first article discusses the quality of life of patients with jaw and facial deformities before and after jaw surgery and the notable unremarkable quality of life improvements from both a psychological and functional component. I also discuss whether antiplatelet drugs need

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