Author Bryan McLelland

EP105: Dental News to Abuse

In this episode, I discuss 8 ways to reduce dental practice expenses, 3 tips for reputation management, Zest Dental Solutions announcement of their entry in the dental implant market adding to their Locator abutment options.  We discuss Loupe options, Color Code options for organization of instruments, Entrainment music which helps patients relax and then six steps to becoming Chartless in the office.

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EP104: Epic Laser Pro – The Latest in Diode Laser Tech

I purchased a new toy for the office and you may have guessed it is an  Epic Laser Pro.  This is not your mother’s laser and it quite the piece of techno and I discuss the laser and the differences and uses of this machine.  It is surprisingly small and lightweight and very useful for surgical applications in dentistry.  I also discovered that these lasers can scorch your retina from 15 feet away if you don’t follow the rules and wear the safety glasses!

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EP103: Dental News to Abuse

This week I chat about a robot that performs oral cancer surgery, new and improved intraoral sensors for digital xrays, Custom Healing abutments pre-manufactured, the Dry Shield, Sprix, an intranasal toradol helping patients avoid opioid prescriptions and way to avoid bad production months.  There is also an interesting discussion about GERD and dentistry.

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EP102: Part 4 of Beat the Heart Attack Gene, CO2 Laser Gingivectomy Post Ortho, Galen Review

I start off with a QOD that is quite good if I do say so myself and then we go straight into Part 4 of Beat the Heart Attack Gene by Bale and Doneen.  Key tests are discussed and then the top Myths of cholesterol are shattered!  You will be surprised by what you thought you knew and what is accurate.  I then discuss the life and works of Galen, an early century physician, and surgeon to the Gladiators.  This guy has an influence on medicine and surgery for over 1200 years!  I then discuss a case of hypertrophic gingival and CO2 laser ablation and crown lengthening and you can see before and after pictures at the interesting cases section online.

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American Disabilities Act and Your Website

Texas dentist was threatened with a lawsuit for his website being noncompliant with the American Disabilities Act.

Dental practices are taken by surprise when they find out that they can be sued if their website does not comply with the American Disabilities Act. This is not a scam. What can your dental practice do to avoid this problem?

Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act provides people with the disabilities with the equal access to buildings, public restrooms, restaurants, and more. Recently, Department of Justice and a federal court case ruled that the law applied directly to websites. For example, those who are visually impaired can’t see images, so a website should include the appropriate tags and data to speak what those images look like.

So, regardless of what state you’re in or what size or type of practice you have, right now, the chances are your website is not ADA compliant and it should and needs to, be. Even if you hired a company to design it, it’s still, at this point, likely not to be.

There are a lot of website companies telling customers they are compliant when they are not just to save business. This is a very real threat, and dental practice owners need to take it seriously. The law is not going to go away. If you don’t have a website that is 100% compliant with the American Disabilities Act, you are 100% at risk.

They have been targeting — and when I say they, I mean lawyers — are targeting dentists because they know that we’re not compliant with the ADA standards and they can easily check on our websites and we — or, dentists — don’t typically have deep corporate pockets to fight back, so guess what? We often just have to settle and cave in.

Dental practices are easy pickings for these law firms. So, again, if you go to my website, go to the interesting cases section. You will find a link to this article.

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EP101: Dental News to Abuse

This week I discuss new legislation that mandates dentists disclosing what lab they use and the lab to disclose materials and suppliers to increase consumer awareness of potentially harmful products and lead containing metal ect.  Ten marketing tips are discussed as well as.  Codes for interproximal Phocal disc fluoride application is given as well.  We have a nice little chat about Emojis as well.There are some dental fun facts that talk about as well.

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EP100: Finding Genetically Matched Medication

Finding the right medication to take for a clinically depressed patient used to be a process of trial and error and could take months to years to find the correct medicine to provide some relief for this condition.  Up to 17% of the US population is depressed and Shaun is going to highlight a fantastic new solution for these people.  Through genetic testing, CNS Dose can show the correct medication to take to help.

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EP099: The Art and Science of Online Review Collection

This interview with Shaun Sorenson goes over his company and the process of online review collection.  Patients need your help to know where the right place to put an online review is and they must use a unique IP address or Google will crack down on the office.  Online data must be coherent and this company will help with that too.  Your reputation matters even online.


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EP098: Omni Grip Screw Expands and Multi Unit Abutment Plus Arrives

Scott Oyler, my Nobel Biocare implant rep, and I discuss two of the latest and greatest innovations from Nobel.  We discuss the use of the Omni-Grip screw for multiple unit restorations and the indications and precautions with this tech.  The Multi Unit Abutment has been updated and we discuss what these updates are and what the advantages are of the MUA plus.

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