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EP163: Call Google Now, Vaping Hamper Healing? ABOMS Changes Coming, ACS Fellowship

This week I discuss the need for all of us to call Google at 1-844-491-9665 to get them to add the category of “dental implants” instead of the only option being “dental implants periodontist”.  I also discuss how our National Association will help with an application for the American College of Surgeons fellowship and the requirements for that. I also discuss the changes in the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery certification process and for maintenance of that board certification which is profound and significant. I also discuss the significant impact that vaping has on healing and the rationale and study that helps prove that healing from vaping and cigarette smoking are equivalent. This is an action-packed episode full of interesting information that you must check out!

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EP162: 3rd molars Damage 2nd Molars and Lasers Decrease Paresthesia and Surgery First is good for the Brain

In this episode, I start with a discussion about low-level laser light therapy and helping nerve recovery after a bilateral sagittal split osteotomy. There is a significant risk of permanent numbness after jaw surgery particularly lower jaw surgery and this study looks at a novel therapy of low-level laser light therapy to see if recovery can be optimized for patients I also discuss the fact that the impacted third molars can damage and cause external root resorption of mandibular second molars and what those risk factors are. I also discuss the incidence of this occurring in the study. Finally, in this episode, I discuss the psychological impact of doing surgery first for patients with Orthodontics jaw surgery versus the conventional way.

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EP161: Misdiagnosis of a Palatal Mass, OSA and Carotid Calcifications, dental implants in erosive lichen planus

In this episode, I discuss the misdiagnosis of a swelling on the roof of the mouth that turned out to be cancer. This was misdiagnosed twice and can have serious implications for patients. In addition, we talked about the incidental radiographic finding with a panorex showing calcifications in the Carotid artery and its association with obstructive sleep apnea heart attacks and strokes. We also discuss using dental implants to help a patient with severe erosive lichen planus. Lichen planus can be a painful mucosal condition making Dentures very difficult or impossible to wear. Dental implants offers the opportunity to elevate the appliance off of the mucosa making impossible to wear Prosthetics without pain.

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EP160: Larva Infestation in Your Mouth, Preventing Perio Defects after 3rds

This week I discuss articles out of the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in December of 2018. We will discuss a pork larvae infestation of the oral mucosa in three separate patients including both the clinical presentation and management of these lesions.  We shall discuss how to prevent periodontal defects distal to mandibular third molars after the extraction of wisdom teeth as well as how to predict the recurrence of regional disease after primary resection of oral squamous cell carcinoma. In addition to this, we shall also discuss the utility of viewing a third molar video particularly a third molar informed consent video and whether this helps to decrease patients anxiety and whether an Emergency Room Physicians are able to accurately diagnose, order CT scans and consult for specialists for head and neck infections and particularly odontogenic infections.

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EP159: Botox In Dentistry

This episode is a must-listen for every dentist and the team. Botox originally was used for noncosmetic purposes for 13 years and then transitioned into cosmetic uses for lines and wrinkles of the face particularly in the glabella frontalis and crow’s-feet areas on the face to eliminate wrinkling and specifically Dynamic wrinkles. There are many other uses within dentistry in every dentist should be aware of these uses and ideally Implement an offer these services to your patients. The administration of Botox is well within the scope of practice and I think dentist, in general, are fantastic with giving shots and should consider offering the service with the proper training. In this episode, I will discuss other uses of Botox in dentistry and I think you’ll find this fascinating and enlightening

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EP158: All On 4 Validated!

In this episode, I discuss the all on four concepts and exactly what that means and review an article from the International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial implants 2018 titled the biomechanical comparison of different implant inclinations and cantilever links in All-on-4 treatment concept by three-dimensional finite element analysis.  I don’t want you to worry, I do get into this article but I will promise not to bore you to death and make this too heavy but more clinical in nature.

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EP157: Opioid Consumption After Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is a significant surgical procedure with a significant amount of postoperative pain. This prospective study and this podcast discuss postoperative pain control consumption of Narcotics Peak pain and risk factors that seem to lead to more postoperative pain and tenderness. I think you’ll find this discussion helpful in the greater context of narcotic consumption after Dentistry.

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EP156: Fred Joyal Summary Notes

In this episode, I discuss the full-day presentation and the high points from Fred Joyal’s book and presentation on becoming remarkable.  He did a fantastic job and there’s some great high points and I also go through and just give a breakdown of the different chapters that he has in his book. Everyone that came to the presentation received the free book as well. Our next continuing education event is February 8th 2019 when we will have OSHA HIPAA CPR renewal as well as a one-hour talk on Botox and fillers as well as the opportunity to receive Botox and fillers which will be a blast. We’ll see you there!

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EP154: Fixed Restoration using Locator F-Tx System

There is now an alternative fixed restoration that is not a hybrid restoration. Zest International has developed an abutment and a system called the locator FTX system. In this episode we discuss using four or more implants in either the maxilla or mandible and specifically 13 cases that were studied for 3 years showing that this is a successful and reasonable treatment modality. Anybody treating patients with fixed full Arch Restorations needs to be aware of this treatment concept.


Fixed Attachment System

Fixed-Hybrid Emergency

Seating and Removal Tool

Fixed Attachment System Product Catalog

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