Author Bryan McLelland

Ep080: Wheelbarrow Profits Part IV, KOT’s and 5-FU, Supranumerary 20s Removal

In this episode, I continue with our book review of Wheelbarrow Profits and then move to a very interesting study that used 5% Fluorouracil instead Modified Carnoy’s solution to decrease the recurrence rate of keratocystic odontogenic tumors with a decrease in paresthesias.  If you tInteresting Case Buttonreat these lesions you will not want to miss this discussion.  The interesting case shows the surgical approach to removal of a mandibular bicuspid that is an extra tooth.  The pictures are worth checking out!

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EP079: Do Astra Implants Perform and Preserve Crestal Bone?

In my experience, only two implant systems excel at preserving crestal bone.  Astra and Ankylos implants are the only two that I have seen published and personal results with preserved marginal bone.  This week I delve into several excellent articles and break down the data on marginal bone loss.  I currently place mostly Nobel implants followed by Astra implants.  One article shows that after the one year mark the bone loss for an Astra implant was the same as a Branemark implant but the key is that this was after close to 1.75mm of bone loss with the Branemark vs the 0.4mm of bone loss with the Astra implant

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EP076: CBCT always B4 Implants? Antibiotics for 3rds?

This week I go over two articles which I think will be very applicable and helpful and any general dental or surgical practice. The first article we will review and discuss whether or not antibiotics decrease the risk of a dry socket and or infection for our third molar patients. The second article will go over whether or not a cone beam CT scan is required prior to dental implant placement and if it is not required all of the time what are the indications are and parameters that one can use to help decide whether to take a scan or not.

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