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EP149: Post Operative Instructions Matter and Drinking Water To Survive

In this episode I start off by discussing how to make in an on the fly desalination kit. If you’re in a survival situation water is essential. Being near an ocean or sea and having water everywhere but not being able to drink it is a great way to not only drive yourself crazy but drive yourself to death. I will tell you how to make a desalination kit on the fly. As well we’ll talk about how to make your water clean if you’re in the mountains or have fresh water that is not contaminated with salt but has other contaminants in it. As well we’ll discuss giving post operative instructions to patient and how whether giving postoperative instructions verbally or in a written fashion or both actually decrease side effects. I do wish that the authors of this also did a third group of oral instructions written instructions and video instructions with access to that video postoperatively like we do in our clinic. I have noticed a huge decrease in postoperative phone calls patient satisfaction increase and decreasing complications. This week is fantastic and I hope you enjoy it

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