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EP119: Getting Paid for Being Opioid Sparing and Trefoil

In this episode, I start by discussing briefly the existence of the AAOMS white paper on prescribing opioids responsibly. Specifically, I discuss an article in the AAOMS  Today publication that goes over CPT and CDT coding guidelines.

Using an opioid-sparing technique in your office is expensive and has a significant financial impact. Knowing the proper codes and the ins and outs of these codes from both a medical dental and hcpcs perspective will help you realize when you can get reimbursement and how you can get reimbursement for using things such as Dexamethasone Toradol and Exparel. I then deviate sharply to briefly discuss the Trefoil system introduced by Nobel Biocare at the AAOMS meeting this fall. I think you will find this episode enlightening, helpful and financially rewarding.

I also chat about a new business on Amazon that my daughter and I started.  Search BWM VENTURE to see these products are what we are selling and if you feel so inclined feel free to purchase them and leave an honest review. Reviews are incredibly difficult to obtain on Amazon and a very important for the algorithm.  It would be incredibly helpful for her to have these reviews. I would love some feedback so please feel free to email me at info@dentistbraincandy.com

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