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EP056: CarCast on Oral Systemic Connection

My team and I had a fantastic speaker, Dr. Charles Whitney, MD come and speak at Center Place in Spokane, WA.  You all had an invitation so it is your own fault you did not come! The presentation was fantastic and in this episode, I summarize a few of the highlights that I got from the meeting.

This talk was 3 hours but in this 19-minute episode, you will get a taste of what he discussed.  Dr. Whitney also talked about 3rd Era Dentistry and on the practical side of implementing the protocols he discussed.  Sign up now for next year’s CE events including Foundation Training, Implants 101 for the Team and an international well know speaker in the Fall! This is a very special guest and I can’t even tell you who it is until we get closer to the event!


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EP055: QOD by Robin Williams, Part 3 of Great by Choice by Jim Collins, Bone Grafting in the Edentulous Maxilla, MRONJ with a severe infection

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with a quote by Robin Williams.  I discuss Part 3 of Great by Choice.  The article review is on bone grafting the edentulous maxilla and the review of the literature of all of the choices that are available to us.  The interesting case is that of a woman with metastatic breast cancer on IV Zometa and developed MRONJ with a severe submental space infection.

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EP054: QOD, Part 2 of Great by Choice, Complications from Coronectomy, F150 vs Cement Truck

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with little message about why a woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s. I then go into part 2 of Great by Choice by Collins. Productive paranoia and the 20-mile march are discussed. I then go into an article review that discusses the risks with coronectomy or partial removal of lower third molars and why one would consider this and what can happen. This article is directly applicable to any dentist who sees patients with third molars.

The interesting case is a must see! This gentleman crashed head on to a cement truck while driving his F150 and sustained a severe naso orbital ethmoid fracture. I discuss the key elements of the surgery and repair and show some killer pictures. You don’t want to miss these!



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EP053: QOD by Don Marquis, Carotid Artery Calcifications Incidence and Implications, Part 1 of Great by Choice by Jim Collins, 3 Dude Syndrome

ThInteresting Case Buttonis week starts with a quote by Don Marquis on procrastination. I then review an article discussing carotid artery calcifications found on CBCT scans.

I love Jim Collins’ work and this book on Great by Choice starts this week and is really a great read and review if I do say so myself! I have an interesting case of a young male patient who was, (minding his own business), skateboarding and fell and broke his jaw in two places and managed not to get any extra oral cuts on his face. I show some cool 3D scan of his bilateral mandible fracture and the final panorex fixed.

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EP052: One Year Special Anniversary Podcast : A Day In the Life of your Host

Interesting Case ButtonThis is the one-year mark of the “Dentist Brain Candy” Podcast!  It has been quite the year and journey!  Content creation is fun but also a lot of work in an already busy life.  This episode is a snapshot of a day in the life of yours truly.  I discuss what I am doing and two interesting cases that came up, one of which was a surgery I did in the hospital.  Don’t forget to go to the interesting cases section to see some cool pictures as well!

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EP050: Dental Implant Terminology: Part One

This week you will enjoy the first part of a webinar entitled “Dental Implant Terminology”. This webinar is designed for the entire team! Getting the entire team educated and on the same page about dental implants builds value for patients. It also builds team confidence and consistency in discussions with patients. This will absolutely increase case acceptance and the number of implant cases you have in your office.

You and the entire team need to listen to this and team members should review this material yearly. You can also use this to train new team members, front and back alike. Make this a part of your internal training system!

The full webinar can be found at

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EP049: QOD by Isaac Asimov, Last Installment of Strength Based Leadership, RX Drug Abuse and Oral Surgeons, Leukemia and tooth development

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with a quote by Isaac Asimov, and then we discuss why followers get behind their leaders and follow. After all, a leader without followers is just out for a walk.

I also go over my top five strengths as assessed by the Strength Finders test. The article I reviewed is an editorial by James Hupp on prescription drug abuse and Oral Surgeons. The stats are incredible and scary.

The interesting case shows a panorex and the extracted teeth, including mutant teeth after a young man went through chemotherapy for leukemia, causing a systemic disruption and abnormal tooth development. You will want to see this!

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EP048: QOD by Yogi Berra and E.Hubbard, Strength Based Leadership Part 2, Cancer Around Implants and Implant Complication in the Esthetic Zone

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with a funny quote followed by another funny quote! We then dive into the second part of “Strength Based Leadership” and two more examples of CEO’s strengths and how they used them to lead their respective organizations to greatness. We then review an article discussing squamous cell carcinoma that occurred around a dental implant. The interesting case is about a necrotic piece of bone around an implant in the esthetic zone and successful management of that complication.

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EP047: Be Calm, Patients Calm with NuCalm : Change your Practice AND real ROI

Patients are stressed out in the dental chair. This makes dentists and dental auxiliaries stressed out in the office. This stress decreases patient case acceptance because of fear. NuCalm, in an all natural way, relieves this stress and makes patients comfortable and increases case acceptance. The system also has a well-defined return on investment. NuCalm is also being used for peak performance in sports, in cancer patients, and in many other ways. Jim Poole the CEO from NuCalm fills us in on all the details.

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