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EP056: CarCast on Oral Systemic Connection

My team and I had a fantastic speaker, Dr. Charles Whitney, MD come and speak at Center Place in Spokane, WA.  You all had an invitation so it is your own fault you did not come! The presentation was fantastic and in this episode, I summarize a few of the highlights that I got from the meeting.

This talk was 3 hours but in this 19-minute episode, you will get a taste of what he discussed.  Dr. Whitney also talked about 3rd Era Dentistry and on the practical side of implementing the protocols he discussed.  Sign up now for next year’s CE events including Foundation Training, Implants 101 for the Team and an international well know speaker in the Fall! This is a very special guest and I can’t even tell you who it is until we get closer to the event!


Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Whitney’s email: cwhitneymd@gmail.com

Website: 3rderadentistry.com

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