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EP046: Restoring Hybrid Restorations: A Process Anyone Can Follow: PART 1


Restoring Hybrid restorations can be a challenge. Many dentists get that turn in their stomach when they think about taking on such a thing. This presentation is one method that is predictable and broken down into an appointment by appointment approach that makes it so anyone can restore hybrids and full arch dental implant cases. This audio clip is the first part of a video series that you can find at

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EP045: QOD by George Burns, Strength Based Leadership by Ruth and Conchie, Does Smoking Affect Implant Failure and Marginal Bone Loss?, Orbital Blowout Fracture from Flag Football


Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with a quote by George Burns and a bonus quote of the day.  Part one of Strength Based Leadership begins and promises to be a foundational and invaluable book.  I particularly like the web-based test that you can take that will tell you your top five strengths!  We look at two of the four leadership strength or styles and real life examples of each.  The ex-NFL football player was in a no-contact game of flag football and took an elbow to the right eye and sustained a blowout fracture of the right orbital floor.  A subciliary incision was made and a titanium impregnated Medpor implant was used to reconstruct the orbital floor.  Check out the radiographs in the Interesting cases section.

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Book: Strengths Based Leadership


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EP044: David Sewell enlightens “Mail Box Check” investment opportunity decreasing DENTAL CHAIR DEPENDENCY.

Every practicing dentist is acutely aware of this unmistakable fact:  If you are not sitting in the chair, PRODUCTION=ZERO .  I had no idea that when I started dentistry that it meant that anytime a dollar was earned I needed to have gloves on and be in the trenches working in my practice instead of on my practice.

Every dentist dreams of going to the mailbox and getting a check without having to fix teeth.  David Sewell from International Coffee Farms in Panama tells us how we can decrease our dependency and participate in a socially conscious, passive investment that results in you owning deed property with significant cash flow.  This episode is way out of the norm for this podcast but I could not resist sharing.

I discovered this investment, I vetted them out and I converted a significant portion of my 401k into coffee farms.  In fact my investment was big enough that I qualify for finders fees for new investors for ICF.  The amount is insignificant to me but the investment can change my listeners lives so I felt compelled to share this with you.

For all the info please visit Now sit back and prepare to have your mind blown!

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EP043: QOD by Abe Lincoln, Tony Robbins Money : Master the Game Final Installment, Quality of Life after Jaw Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Impacted #17,18 and 19


Interesting Case Button

This week starts with a funny quote and then a serious quote by Abraham Lincoln.  The FINAL installment of Money:Master the Game by Tony Robbins is discussed. Annuities and the financial product that will create an income stream for life is explained and the debut of a new financial product for those under the age of 50 with want this can participate in.  Ray Dalio’s advice on asset allocation is exposed as well!  The interesting case is about impacted tooth numbers 17, 18 and 19 with a pretty cool radiograph which can be seen in the interesting cases section.


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EP042: Best Way to Send and Receive Referrals w/ Dr. Johnson

This interview is with Dr Johnson who had a problem, solved it for his practice and has given the rest of us access to the application.  Hear it here first!  REFER.TO is the next revolution to hit the referral process and eliminate the need to print referral books, make it faster to refer and most importantly helps patients connect and get the work that they need completed done in a timely fashion.

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EP041: Albert Einstein QOD, Money : Master the Game Part 5 book review, Using a tooth for a bone graft and, Avoiding a Sinus Lift with angled implants

Interesting Case Button

This week starts off with a quote by Albert Einstein.  The fifth installment of Money:Master the Game by Tony Robbins is discussed. Discussion on what Absolute Financial Freedom is and how you can choose to make that goal is reviewed.   The interesting case shows how with a little planning and out of the box thinking a sinus lift can be avoided to restore a maxilla with several missing teeth.  The radiograph speaks for itself!

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EP040: Lana Turner QOD, Money : Master the Game Part 4 book review, Blister under the Tongue, Tooth fragments in the lip after a hiking accident

This week starts off with a quote by Lana Turner and is fun.   The fourth installment of Money:Master the Game by Tony Robbins is brought to life. We discuss four out of the five levels of financial freedom which is a must know for anyone who wishes to get to financial freedom.  You won’t know if you have arrived at your destination if you don’t know what the destination is! The interesting case is about a gal that was hiking across Spain and fell and ended up discovering 3-4 weeks later that a piece of her tooth was still embedded in her lower lip.  Needless to say we removed it!

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EP039: Teddy Roosevelt QOD, Money : Master the Game book review, E Cig Explodes in the mouth, A Smashing Pre Maxilla

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts off with a quote by Teddy Roosevelt and is sassy.   The third installment of Money:Master the Game by Tony Robbins is created and ready for consumption.  I was shocked to learn that vaping can lead to an explosion in your mouth blasting out teeth and leading to a serious injury and I pull a very interesting article from the literature to review this case report.  I then follow up with a interesting case of a young man that fell on the stairs and had another large kid fall on him to finish off his maxillary incisors in a mixed dentition stage, fooling the radiologist on the extent of the injury.  

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EP038: Tony Robbins QOD, Part 2 of Money:Master the Game by Tony Robbins, Five Techniques of Dental Implant Removal, Recurrent OKT in the Mandible

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts off with two more awesome quotes by Anthony Robbins.  In this episode we will dig into part two our our book review Money:Master the Game.  It is not how much you make but how much you save and invest that will set you free.  The review article goes over five ways of removing dental implants and discusses the decision tree and applications and the pros and cons of each method.  The interesting case shows radiographs and intraoperative pictures removing tooth number 28 and an OKT.

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EP037: Tony Robbins QOD, Money : Master the Game by Tony Robbins book review, Cone Beam Scans, indications and use, Large Lesion under the Tongue

Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts off with two more killer quotes by Anthony Robbins. The book review begins fresh with Tony Robbins, Money:Master the Game (did you know Tony is 6 foot 7 inches!).  This book will change your perception of money and allow you to become financially free so that you can work because you want to not because you have to.  The article review discusses the current uses of CBCT in academia and private practice.  Fun facts about these scanners and useful information about accreditation is also available.  The interesting case shows how a 9 year old boy can acquire a large tongue mass that needed to be cut off and was diagnosed as a traumatic granuloma.  Enjoy!

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