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EP045: QOD by George Burns, Strength Based Leadership by Ruth and Conchie, Does Smoking Affect Implant Failure and Marginal Bone Loss?, Orbital Blowout Fracture from Flag Football


Interesting Case ButtonThis week starts with a quote by George Burns and a bonus quote of the day.  Part one of Strength Based Leadership begins and promises to be a foundational and invaluable book.  I particularly like the web-based test that you can take that will tell you your top five strengths!  We look at two of the four leadership strength or styles and real life examples of each.  The ex-NFL football player was in a no-contact game of flag football and took an elbow to the right eye and sustained a blowout fracture of the right orbital floor.  A subciliary incision was made and a titanium impregnated Medpor implant was used to reconstruct the orbital floor.  Check out the radiographs in the Interesting cases section.

Mentioned in This Episode

Book: Strengths Based Leadership

Website: http://strengths.gallup.com

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