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EP048: QOD by Yogi Berra and E.Hubbard, Strength Based Leadership Part 2, Cancer Around Implants and Implant Complication in the Esthetic Zone

This week starts with a funny quote followed by another funny quote! We then dive into the second part of “Strength Based Leadership” and two more examples of CEO’s strengths and how they used them to lead their respective organizations to greatness. We then review an article discussing squamous cell
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EP045: QOD by George Burns, Strength Based Leadership by Ruth and Conchie, Does Smoking Affect Implant Failure and Marginal Bone Loss?, Orbital Blowout Fracture from Flag Football

  This week starts with a quote by George Burns and a bonus quote of the day.  Part one of Strength Based Leadership begins and promises to be a foundational and invaluable book.  I particularly like the web-based test that you can take that will tell you your top five strengths! 
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