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Ep068: Be Your Own Bank

On this episode Patrick Jenkins and I discuss the mechanics and concept of owning your own bank and borrowing money for practice improvements etc. We also talk about setting up an investment that will pay you a monthly salary for life!  That salary could be between 5-10k a month depending
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EP066: Trump Wins so Now What???

Whether we like it or not Donald Trump has won the election.  In January president-elect will become President Donald Trump.  Throughout the election season, there were many threats and promises made. In this episode, Patrick Jenkins joins me to talk about the anticipated tax changes a Trump Presidency will bring and the implications
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EP064: Anatomical Variation of the Mandibular Nerve, Part 2 of the Five Love Language, Teenager Breaks his Face goofing around

I start off this week with some more Irish Proverbs and move quickly into a very well done anatomical study on the variations of the course of the Mandibular Nerve or IAN.  There are many variations and each has a clinical implication specifically on achieving adequate local anesthetic.  If you
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