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EP006: Genghis Khan, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, ITI Consensus Statements on Cone Beam Scans, Mini Implants and Grafting Horizontal Defects, Dislocated Mandible

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Genghis Khan : Not even a mighty warrior can break a frail arrow when it is multiplied and supported by its fellows.  As long as, you brothers, support one another and render assistance to one another your enemies can never gain the victory over you but if you fall away from each other your enemy can break you like frail arrows one at a time.

8% of people living in the world today are related


Book Review

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Chapter 14

Harnessing natural forces to find leverage points : Reward people over time.

Chapter 15

Outsource the easy stuff first.  Make a list of the things you hate or don’t like or want to do and hire someone to do it.  The dentist should do only what they can do and the rest should be done by someone else to maximize efficiency

Chapter 16



Invest in you strengths and ignore your weaknesses

Strength Finders 2.0


Invest in your strengths and hire out your weaknesses

Ask five friends to email you about what your strengths are to start building an objective list

Chapter 17

Take salespeople on a test drive and see who can sell and who can’t sell.  Give ten people the task of selling over a week or two and then hire the top one or two.  Greatly accelerates your success.



When you post a job, post it and hire two people for the same job.

Post a job with a 35 dollar application fee to week out only those that are serious

Chapter 18

Everyone making over 30 dollars per hour should have a personal assistant (PA).  They can save you up to 10 hours a week.  They need to respect confidentiality

Chapter 19

Fire your bottom 10 per cent of your customers and employees.  Pay them a big severance pay if you must, to feel better.


Article Review

ITI Consensus Statements Group 1

Surgical and radiographic techniques in implant dentistry

Cone beam is the test of choice.

Discussed items are consensus based and not research based

CBCT add information, radiographic template is recommended

Use DICOM files/format

CT guided surgery  : average is .9mm error in entry point and up to 1.3 mm at apex and 3.5 degrees in angulation.  Wide range in these numbers.

Tissue supported guides are more accurate than bone supported guides

2mm should be considered and added as a buffer with guided surgery

Use guided surgery to increase accuracy of placement

Narrow Diameter Implants

Defined as being less than 3.5 mm

One or two pieces

One piece implant is less than 3 mm

91% success rates in less than 3 mm over 3.9 years with four lower mandibular implants/edentulous arch

96 % survival with two piece implants over about 4 years

Must be 10mm in length

My Opinion:

Started off strong but need to plan for failure if one piece narrow diameter implants are used and over engineer the case

Horizontal width augmentation

Ideally 2 mm of bone on the facial aspect to maintain soft tissue support long term

My Opinion:

Ridge split technique is a clever and predictable way to increase width in the maxilla.


Interesting Case


Trauma Case

Nasal Bone, Nasal Septum fracture and the strange CT of the left TMJ which was read as a dislocation by radiology.  Turns out he posture his jaw habitually and the joint was not dislocated.

www.dentistbraincandy.com shows the CT scan and cross section of the joint (saggital).  Heme arthrosis was on the differential.



Feb 2016 CE Event in Spokane WA, Restoring Hybrids Predictably by Bryan McLelland and  Nick Grishin

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