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EP005: 80/20 Sales and Marketing, ITI Consensus Group on Restorative Materials in Implant Dentistry, Head on Collision Leads to Jaw Surgery and Dental Implants

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Julius Caesar : “Cowards die many times before they die their actual deaths” and “Experience is the teacher of all things”

Take action on knowledge learned


Book Review

Make More from every customer.  

Guarantees are important.  Use the following format for a Power Guarantee ::  If you are ______, and you are ________ then you will achieve ________ or else ________________


Sell results not procedures

People pay for certainty, be confident and solve their problem.


Article Review


ITI Consensus Group discusses screw retained vs cement retained restorations and discovered the integration rate is the same.  More technical and biological events with cement retained vs screw retained restorations.  I suggest using screw retained restorations whenever possible.

Chipping and fracture of the ceramic or porcelain occurred more often with screw retained restorations.

Does the abutment type, metal vs ceramic, have difference in survival rates?   No!

CAD/CAM crowns abutments/bars.restorations are just as successful as any other method of construction.

Retrievability and the lack of cement make screw retained restorations preferable.

Zirconium abutments are ok in the anterior and premolar sites and caution is suggested in molar sites.

Margins should be at or above the FGM for cemented restorations.  When 1.5 mm or deeper it is almost impossible to remove cement


Interesting Case : Melanie


Severe MVC

Bilateral Subcondylar fracture

BSSO to fix collapse of posterior height of the mandible bilaterally.

Extraction of all upper teeth with the placement of four implants in the maxilla





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