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EP004: 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Martin Luther King Jr, Medical Management of the Dentoalveolar Patient and Dental Implants are better than Dentures

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Martin Luther King Jr

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moment of comfort but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.


Book Review

80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall

Chapter 8

USP : Unique Selling Proposition: What makes you, you?  What do you offer than no one else offers?

With dentistry : What kind of service or experience do you offer that no one else can offer?

www.perrymarshall.com/8020supplement for a USP Video and worksheet.  Work on your business and personal USP

Chapter 9 : Testing with Google Adwords.  Get educated first or Google will steal your money! Split test between two different ads and then pick the best and constantly improve amplifying results.

Chapter 10: Scale up massively once you have split tested and maximized to the 80/20 and get massive ROI.  Use the 8020 rule to focus on the 20% and don’t worry about perfection but rather success.  In dentistry some things require perfection (clinical delivery of dentistry) but many things don’t.

Top Ten List of Marketing and traffic sources is discussed in order of importance.

The concept is to use the first items on the list to hone accuracy and then move up the list to maximize success.


Is Facebook for you?  Take the test above.  Google is like Yellow pages and Facebook is like a coffee shop.  If you are B2B then LinkedIn is probably better than Facebook.


Article Review


Medical Management of the Dentoalveolar Surgery Patient by Abramowicz et al


Interesting Case


Failing teeth, hates her dentures and does not feel attractive anymore to her husband.  Her dentures are affecting her self confidence, taste of her food and ability to chew and nutritional health.  She had to have all her teeth removed and then four implants were placed in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw and implant retained over dentures were made in the lower jaw and a fixed hybrid was made for the upper jaw


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