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EP064: Anatomical Variation of the Mandibular Nerve, Part 2 of the Five Love Language, Teenager Breaks his Face goofing around

I start off this week with some more Irish Proverbs and move quickly into a very well done anatomical study on the variations of the course of the Mandibular Nerve or IAN.  There are many variations and each has a clinical implication specifically on achieving adequate local anesthetic.  If you
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EP007: Thrive rather than just survive, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, Esthetics and Dental Implants and Missing front teeth are replaced with Implants concluding with a beautiful smile.

Quote of the Day Maya Angelou born in 1928 My mission in life is not only to survive but to thrive and do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style. More than 50 honorary degrees 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall Chapter 20 Getting famous by polarizing your market Not interested Mildly
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EP006: Genghis Khan, 80/20 Sales and Marketing, ITI Consensus Statements on Cone Beam Scans, Mini Implants and Grafting Horizontal Defects, Dislocated Mandible

Quote of the Day Genghis Khan : Not even a mighty warrior can break a frail arrow when it is multiplied and supported by its fellows.  As long as, you brothers, support one another and render assistance to one another your enemies can never gain the victory over you but if
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