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EP102: Part 4 of Beat the Heart Attack Gene, CO2 Laser Gingivectomy Post Ortho, Galen Review

I start off with a QOD that is quite good if I do say so myself and then we go straight into Part 4 of Beat the Heart Attack Gene by Bale and Doneen.  Key tests are discussed and then the top Myths of cholesterol are shattered!  You will be surprised by what you thought you knew and what is accurate.  I then discuss the life and works of Galen, an early century physician, and surgeon to the Gladiators.  This guy has an influence on medicine and surgery for over 1200 years!  I then discuss a case of hypertrophic gingival and CO2 laser ablation and crown lengthening and you can see before and after pictures at the interesting cases section online.

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