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American Disabilities Act and Your Website

Texas dentist was threatened with a lawsuit for his website being noncompliant with the American Disabilities Act.

Dental practices are taken by surprise when they find out that they can be sued if their website does not comply with the American Disabilities Act. This is not a scam. What can your dental practice do to avoid this problem?

Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act provides people with the disabilities with the equal access to buildings, public restrooms, restaurants, and more. Recently, Department of Justice and a federal court case ruled that the law applied directly to websites. For example, those who are visually impaired can’t see images, so a website should include the appropriate tags and data to speak what those images look like.

So, regardless of what state you’re in or what size or type of practice you have, right now, the chances are your website is not ADA compliant and it should and needs to, be. Even if you hired a company to design it, it’s still, at this point, likely not to be.

There are a lot of website companies telling customers they are compliant when they are not just to save business. This is a very real threat, and dental practice owners need to take it seriously. The law is not going to go away. If you don’t have a website that is 100% compliant with the American Disabilities Act, you are 100% at risk.

They have been targeting — and when I say they, I mean lawyers — are targeting dentists because they know that we’re not compliant with the ADA standards and they can easily check on our websites and we — or, dentists — don’t typically have deep corporate pockets to fight back, so guess what? We often just have to settle and cave in.

Dental practices are easy pickings for these law firms. So, again, if you go to my website, go to the interesting cases section. You will find a link to this article.

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