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S2EP30: How JetVC Works, Part IV—Reputation Management

One of the best ways to market your dental practice is to collect positive online reviews.

But how do you develop a system for asking patients to leave Google or Facebook reviews? And how do you ensure that their comments will be favorable?

On this episode of Dentist Brian Candy, I’m discussing another important feature of Jet Virtual Consults, reputation management.

I explain how JetVC automates the process of requesting online reviews, describing how the app encourages patients to leave 5-star reviews but notifies you first if they had a negative experience.

Listen in for insight on turning a negative review into a positive one and learn how JetVC can help your dental practice build a stellar online reputation.

Key Takeaways 

Why it’s crucial to collect 5-star online reviews for your dental practice

How JetVC automates the process of requesting reviews

How JetVC’s helps you manage the online reputation of your dental practice

Why JetVC requests reviews immediately after an initial consult and 14 days post-surgery

How JetVC sends patients with 4- and 5-star experiences to Google or Facebook to leave a review

Why JetVC notifies you first if a patient rates their visit at 3 stars or less

How I follow up negative reviews with a phone call to solve the patient’s problem

How to turn a negative review into a positive one before it’s posted online

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