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S2EP28: How JetVC Works, Part II—Educational Videos

How much time would you save if patients came into a consult with a basic understanding of the dental procedure they are considering?

With Jet Virtual Consults in-app videos, you can educate patients and answer many of their questions before their initial appointment.

On this episode of Dentist Brian Candy, I continue my explanation of how Jet Virtual Consults works, discussing the educational videos available through the app.

I walk you through the list of procedures that have in-app informed consent and post-op instructional videos, describing how your admin staff can create custom playlists for patients.

Listen in for insight on customizing the app with informational videos specific to your practice and learn how to educate patients and increase your efficiency with JetVC!

Key Takeaways

The in-app videos available through Jet Virtual Consults

How to customize JetVC with informational videos specific to your practice

Why we recommend creating a practice promotion video

The benefit of having patients watch meet-the-doctor videos

What procedures have in-app informed consent videos

How JetVC records the date/time patients watch informed consent videos

JetVC’s educational videos on missing teeth and dental implants

The post-operative instructional videos available on JetVC

How your admin staff can create custom playlists for patients

How educational videos make my consults more efficient

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