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S2EP21: TRIPLE WIN Tip #5—Communicating with Patients Via Text

Patient engagement and retention hinges on effective communication. But it can be challenging for a busy dental practice to keep in touch with patients between appointments.

So, what if you could automate the process?

On this episode of Dentist Brian Candy, I discuss why it’s important to have a HIPAA-compliant text message system for your dental practice.

I walk you through the benefits of communicating with patients via text, describing its potential to increase practice efficiency, decrease no-show rates and help patients follow important post-op instructions.

Listen in for insight on safeguarding protected patient information in text messages and learn how Jet Virtual Consults automates the process of communicating with your patients for the TRIPLE WIN.

Key Takeaways

Why it’s crucial for a dental practice to have a HIPAA-compliant SMS system

How Jet Virtual Consults warns you if you try to send a text message containing protected patient information

The benefits of communicating with patients via text re: post-op instructions

How Jet Virtual Consults increases practice efficiency through automated patient reminders

How to decrease no-show rates with a text message system for your practice

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