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The podcast is designed for the dentist who likes to learn and improve their practice. The information and content delivered is designed to help the restorative dentist move their practice forward.  The benefits include having a virtual dental buddy that you can listen to and “hang out with” and talk shop and grow your experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for our profession.


EP112: Dental News To Abuse : Two new codes, Electric Cavity Detector, Treatment Planning Tips, Dental code for HbA1C, Intranasal Pain Medicine

In this episode I will discuss an electronic cavities detector, several new dental codes to be aware of and bill for including HbA1c for diabetes screening.  I will discuss a sleep appliance that will allow for the patient to wear orthodontic aligners or Invisalign at the same

EP111: Digital Impression Accuracy, Intra Operative CT with Orbital Fractures, More Complications with Age in 3rd molar surgery?

In this episode, I discuss a study that compares digital impressions with traditional PVS impression with dental implants.  They use an open tray impression technique and compare accuracy.  The second article I review is on Intra Operative CT scans with Orbital Fractures.   This is a great article

EP108: AAOMS 2017 Part 2

In part 2 of my review of the AAOMS annual meeting highlights, I discuss more anesthetic issues including pediatric tips and suggestions on laryngeal spasm for both how to decrease the incidence and manage the occurrence. We talked about a really good resource at www.asdahome.org to help


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