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EP167: Perio and Coronectomy and IV Ibuprofen vs IV Tylenol

In this episode, I start by discussing the periodontal stability on the distal of the mandibular second molar after a coronectomy on mandibular third molars. This is a three-year study and over the last several years the popularity of a coronectomy for high-risk third molar situations with close proximity to the inferior alveolar nerve begs the question as to success and possible risks. This study aims to discuss whether or not there is peridontal pocketing on the distal of the second molar when you leave the roots behind with the extraction of third molars. I also discuss the use of intravenous ibuprofen versus intravenous Tylenol to reduce postoperative pain and narcotic consumption after third molar surgery. You don’t want to miss this episode and I think you’ll find it very useful and applicable to everyday practice.

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