Podcast Episodes

EP028: QOD by Charles Swindoll, The final installment of The One Thing by Keller and Papasan, Corticotomies to Assist Orthodontics and Steering Wheel meets the Mandible resulting in a DA fracture and lacerations

Interesting Case ButtonQOD by Charles Swindoll and his quotes highlights that our perceptions dictated more on the path of life than the actual events that happen to us.  The final installment of the book review by Keller and Papasan talks about the four thieves and is mandatory listening for anyone who wants to maximize productivity.  The article I reviewed is about using corticotomies to assist orthodontic tooth movement and is a meta analysis of the literature showing some support and validity to the procedure but that more research is required.  The interesting case is of a fella that was driving his antique car without a seatbelt and got caught in some Pacific Northwest slush and smashed his lower front teeth on the steering wheel of his car.  He lost those teeth and bone in the area and had some pretty nasty lacerations closed as well.

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