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EP021: Oscar Wilde QOD, Two vs Four implants for Overdentures, Rework Book Review Part 1, Facial reconstruction after a car accident

Interesting Case ButtonIn this episode we begin with a snappy quote from Oscar Wilde which was inspired after watching Point Break in the theatre.  I then review an article that compare the quality of life (QOL) prospectively for two implants or four implants in the mandible.  They made each patient experience two implants and an overdenture and then four implants and an overdenture and vice versa. REWORK by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson was then started with over ⅓ of the book reviewed and summarized.  The case presentation today was about a really sweet lady that had been in a severe car accident.  She was repaired before originally by another surgeon and came to me for evaluation and reconstruction. I repaired the facial deformities by reconstruction the orbital vault first for the enophthalmos and vertical dystopia.  I then used a CT to mirror image the unaffected side and make a custom facial implant out of PEEK.  The patient also required a BSSO for the mandible deformity.


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