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EP048: QOD by Yogi Berra and E.Hubbard, Strength Based Leadership Part 2, Cancer Around Implants and Implant Complication in the Esthetic Zone

This week starts with a funny quote followed by another funny quote! We then dive into the second part of “Strength Based Leadership” and two more examples of CEO’s strengths and how they used them to lead their respective organizations to greatness. We then review an article discussing squamous cell
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EP015: Good to Great, Loading Protocols for Dental Implants, Implant Complications, Cleft Bone Grafting with BMP

In this episode, we begin a new book review which will be the best to date.  Jim Collins and his book Good to Great will be discussed in the upcoming episodes starting with this one.  We'll also discussed implant complications and management of those complications.  The interesting case will be
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