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EP170: Dental News to Abuse

This week I have some dental news for you including what the US Congress has been up to in regards to dental bills what the projected size of the dental implant Market is by 2028 a little chit chat about an electronic syringe called dental pain as well as a

EP169: Spike Your Local, Plavix and Dental Implant

In this episode I discussed three interesting articles the first article discusses the quality of life of patients with jaw and facial deformities before and after jaw surgery and the notable unremarkable quality of life improvements from both a psychological and functional component. I also discuss whether antiplatelet drugs need

EP165: History of Jaw Surgery

This week I go through an article from the Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery written by Bryan Bell that discusses the history of jaw surgery. Orthognathic surgery has an interesting progression through time that any dentist or surgeon should know about and will find well summarized in this podcast.

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