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EP108: AAOMS 2017 Part 2

In part 2 of my review of the AAOMS annual meeting highlights, I discuss more anesthetic issues including pediatric tips and suggestions on laryngeal spasm for both how to decrease the incidence and manage the occurrence. We talked about a really good resource at to help with pediatric calculations

EP107: AAOMS 2017 Annual Meeting Highlights

This week I start reviewing the AAOMS 2017 annual meeting information. Wednesday was my first day at the meeting and it was a dedicated to Anesthesia update and there was a discussion by a doctor Jeff Bennett by a doctor Bob Bozack that will be discussed on this week's episode.

EP106: Dental News to Abuse

In this episode we talk about decreasing PPO reliance and insurance dependence which can often feel like a crack addict looking for the next hit.  A dental museum has opening in Nebraska and fluoride varnish has hit a new level in ease of application.   I discuss changes in the CDT

EP105: Dental News to Abuse

In this episode, I discuss 8 ways to reduce dental practice expenses, 3 tips for reputation management, Zest Dental Solutions announcement of their entry in the dental implant market adding to their Locator abutment options.  We discuss Loupe options, Color Code options for organization of instruments, Entrainment music which helps

EP103: Dental News to Abuse

This week I chat about a robot that performs oral cancer surgery, new and improved intraoral sensors for digital xrays, Custom Healing abutments pre-manufactured, the Dry Shield, Sprix, an intranasal toradol helping patients avoid opioid prescriptions and way to avoid bad production months.  There is also an interesting discussion about

EP101: Dental News to Abuse

This week I discuss new legislation that mandates dentists disclosing what lab they use and the lab to disclose materials and suppliers to increase consumer awareness of potentially harmful products and lead containing metal ect.  Ten marketing tips are discussed as well as.  Codes for interproximal Phocal disc fluoride application

EP100: Finding Genetically Matched Medication

Finding the right medication to take for a clinically depressed patient used to be a process of trial and error and could take months to years to find the correct medicine to provide some relief for this condition.  Up to 17% of the US population is depressed and Shaun is

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